6 Ways to Make Money With Google Sitting at Home

Google has grown into a one-stop search resource for consumers all
over the world. If you like listening to music, traveling, writing, or
need to find an address or product, Google is the #1 go-to for most

That said, Google also provides many opportunities for people to make
money. Using Google’s tools, features and benefits can allow you to
earn a sizeable income working from home as well. Here are some of
the best ways to make money online with Google.

1. Google AdSense

If you want to make money from ads on your website or blog your best
bet may be to set up a Google Adsense account. Adsense is a free cost
per click advertising campaign to help you earn more money.

This is the perfect way to take advantage of the traffic on your site
and turn the clicks you get from your ads into cash .

You can control where your ads will appear and be able to figure out which work best
for you. Simply choose where you want the ad and you copy and paste
the code wherever you want.

You have to reach the minimum threshold
to be paid. Give it a try and see how your ads do!

2. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is an app to download if you want to earn
rewards for taking surveys .

To get set up you have to download the
app and answer some start-up questions about yourself. After that, you
will get a notification about a few question survey about once a week.

For each completed survey you will receive a credit to the Google Play
store or PayPal. Credits can be up to $1.00. The surveys will be a
mix of reviews and user opinion on a topic to your satisfaction of a
certain merchant.

3. Search Engine Evaluator

Want to get paid to search online? Most people use the internet to
search for information which is why becoming a search engine evaluator
can be a great work from home job.

A search engine evaluator’s job is basically to make sure search engines
like Google are doing their job to locate the most relevant information
to users all the time.

They measure the usefulness of web pages and
analyze search engine results.
Sites like Leapforce and Appen hire and train search engine evaluators.

4. Google Audience Measurement

Google Audience Measurement is similar to the Google Opinion set up
because with this you also receive rewards. The Audience Management
teams learn from you by simply requesting to monitor you use your
mobile device, browse the internet, and watch TV.

For whatever
research study they are completing they ask any given panelist if they
want to be apart of the study.

There can be hundreds even thousands of different panelist per study all
depends on what type of study is being conducted. You have better odds
if you browse the internet and watch television regularly.

How does it work? Well, you have to meters on your eligible devices,
and when you use your device with the meter installed your data is
safely shared with Google. Some information that’s gathered is
cookies, sites, and apps you use, and what shows play on your

The information they are trying to gather from this research is what
types of apps, sites, and television are popular. Also what type of day
you watch television or browse websites. They just want to know how
media is used in your household. You will be credited points per device
and points are added to your account on Thursday’s!

5. Sell Books on Google Play

Have a creative mind and want to make money by selling my books?
Google Play lets you do just that. There is a Google Play Book Partner
program you can join and earn money from your book or ebook. They
are accepting a limited amount of publishers.

Depending on which country the author is from they currently may not
be able to become a seller. A majority of countries can purchase books
or get paid to their partner account for selling books though.

The books can be in either in PDF or EPUB formats. Both formats are
suggested because EPUB offers readers a more flexible text when
reading. Google will be in charge of all the hosting, sales and
distribution of your books.

You will receive sales reports and get to
keep most of the revenue from each sale!
Another neat thing is if you have your book on Google Books if
someone searches a word and it happens to be in your book it can show
up in search results even if the word isn’t in the title.

Bringing some
additional traffic that can potentially buy your book. That’s not a bad

6. Selling Apps on Google Play

You can also use your skills to create an app and get it on Google Play
to sell. If you have the tech mindset to create the next big app, Google
offers a nice platform to get your idea out there to the world.

The first
step would be to set up a Google Wallet Merchant Account.
Participants have to be at least 18 years old and must pay a $25
registration fee.

While signing up it would be a good idea to take a look at the list of
distribution countries. This is where exactly the app can and will be
Google offers ways to submit your app for testing to make sure it’s
ready for a release.

When you are all set you can add it is a paid app
and get paid for download that you get.
If you’re on the internet every day, odds are you’re using Google in
one capacity or another.

Given the popularity and usefulness of the
platform, consider these 6 easy ways to make money online with


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