20 Things

I like:
  1. Donuts and chocolate. Or chocolate donuts. Or donuts dipped in chocolate. Or donuts and chocolate separately. Seriously, I don't think I've ever had a bad donut. And chocolate? Chocolate makes all the bad stuff go away. Chocolate is like the best food. Ever.
  2. Baby giggles. What is it about that laugh that is so contagious? All of our grandbabies have had these great giggles, and it has always made my heart melt.
  3. Trying on a smaller size of clothing and having it actually fit without having to shove a whole bunch of fat inside the waist band and hoping it will zip up without cutting me in half or exploding a zipper. Check out #1 for the reason this has been a slight issue for me.
  4. Sitting on the back porch rocking with my husband. He smokes a cigar. I'll drink hot tea or a glass of wine, and we talk … or listen to music … and just enjoy each other's company. Oklahoma sunsets are gorgeous and we get to share that together every night.
  5. Talking with our grown children on the phone via text, Skype or FaceTime. I thought I liked them when they were little … and I did. But, boy, I sure like them now, too! They are really good people.
  6. My Deepest Waters sisters/friends that I meet with every Monday night. It's true when they say that your heart can be knit together with someone else's.
  7. Spending time with Jesus every morning in His Word. I look forward to it because every single day, He'll open up my eyes to something else about Him, about me, about us. Regardless of how I feel about what's going on in my life, He pours Himself out on me and I know I am incredibly loved. Nothing like it!
  8. Shoes. Flats, boots, sandals, heels, flip flops, wedges. A girl just can't have enough shoes. Cinderella will be the first to tell you that shoes can change your life...
  9. Having someone rub my feet. I'd get a pedicure every single day if I could, just because I love a foot rub.
  10. Vacations. Of any kind. Traveling with my husband is one of my favorite hobbies. I think someone should just pay us to take vacations and then I'd write a blog about it. Sounds good to me!

I don't like:
  1. Coconut. The texture is nasty. The flavor is nasty. It gets stuck in your teeth. I think it would pretty much be the same thing as grazing out in the front yard. Ew. Just ew. And I guess I could add turnips, liver, and pretty much any type of fish to that as well. Actually, I CAN eat fish … if it's fried and smothered in tartar sauce. Again, this might have something to do with #3 above.
  2. Magnifying mirrors. When you've just turned 58, these are vital for you to use because you have old lady eyes and you can't see in the mirror. Actually, not being able to see might be the better choice. Magnifying mirrors are nasty, vile things.
  3. Scary movies. Scary TV shows. I've even been known to have bad dreams during Shark Week. Enough said.
  4. Sweating. I've worked outside in the hot Oklahoma weather and have been known to work up a sweat. I am fully capable of doing it, but I'd rather not, thank you very much. It makes my hair kink up and look really ooky. The only exception to this is if I'm outside working with my husband. As much as I hate sweating, I like being with him even more … and that cancels out the sweating stuff.
  5. The "f" bomb. That's just one word that I really absolutely can't stand. And, it's amazing how many people use it just in casual conversation. I try to not look shocked when I hear it, but I think I fail miserably in that area. And, if by some miracle, I can maintain my face not looking shocked, I have an even harder time not gasping. Yeah … 
  6. Chin hairs and wrinkles. Like I said, I'm 58. Sheesh. And I own a magnifying mirror, which is a big mistake. I'd appreciate it if you don't look at me too closely.
  7. Mice, spiders, snakes -- all of which we've had either in our house or near our house within the last 3 months. Everyone knows they carry cooties, will bite you, and then you have bad dreams and are afraid to open any cabinets or walk in to a dark room. I know this because someone told me this happens.
  8. Feeling insecure, or sad, or afraid. All of these are some of my greatest enemies. Fortunately, I have a God who reminds me of the security, joy, and confidence I can have in Him because of Who He is.
  9. Escape artist dogs who climb over fences and then you can't find them. I love the dog like crazy … just don't like when I can't find him because he's jumped the fence -- again! I mean, how many times can you add more height to a fence, right?! We're starting to look like a compound around here.
  10. Driving on icy roads. I'm Oklahoma bred and raised. An inch of ice will shut down a whole city. If we have icy roads for a week, I'll be camped out in my house wearing sweat pants with my blankey wrapped around me while I watch Netflix. 
And there ya go! 


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